Nilesh Bhaskar Salve

Nilesh Bhaskar Salve

VVF Repair for Mrs. Tulas Salve 48 years. Original submission was in local marathi language. We are translating the same for the patient.

I have three children and all 3 were delivered by Cesarean Section in Mumbai. First two were done in Podar Hospital and third one was done in KEM Hospital in Mumbai. After third surgery I had no issues for many years. My youngest son is 14 years of age. After all these 14 years i suddenly started heavy menstrual bleeding for 15 days at a time. After ultrasound and other tests, it was clear that I was suffering from Adenomyosis.

For this adenomyosis, I underwent Hysterectomy surgery at Podar Hospital in June 2015. But after the surgery I lost control over my urine I was diagnosed to be suffering from Vasico-Vaginal Fistula (VVF) after investigations at Nair Hospital. After almost complete one year of suffering from this, Dr. Niraj Mahajan and Dr. Dewaikar operated on me in April 2016 at Podar Hospital. It was successful surgery and I am now completely free of the disease.

Period from June 2015 to April 2016 was very difficult and painful for me and for my family as I was suffering from this urine leak everyday. I used to change many pads per day. Because of financial constraints, expenses for the treatment and family responsibility; my family and me was going through extremely difficult times. Surgery was extremely difficult and success rate is also less because of my previous surgeries. All these issues were explained to me beforehand. Probably because of which I had to suffer for this long period and many doctors were avoiding my surgery for whole one year.

I am sincerely thankful to Dr. Niraj Mahajan for his efforts and relieving me from this pain and I would be indebted to you throughout my life. From my experience I can assure that, if any one is suffering from similar issue, they should seek treatment with same team of doctors.